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A little bit about me

Painter by Vocation, Industrial Designer by Profession, explorer of all creative ways that allow the exercise of freedom, expression, the encounter with beauty and with life.



The craft of create and recreate ourselves

Creating is a way of “doing” that heals, be it art or crafts, both center their healing power, on the possibility of experiencing our creative capacity, the possibility of being in ourselves the power of a new origin, a new beginning. A sensible way of remaking ourselves, of recognizing ourselves in process, free and unfinished subjects in the way of finding ourselves with our true essence.

I think of the craftsmanship, as an indissoluble labor of caring for life, a “cure” which mediates between the body and the spirit. How to carry out the action of birth to a “work”, the work that we are, that we are “being” and that we redo day by day, moment by moment, navigating between the different states and learnings that life put in front of us.

We remake ourselves with our hands, with our bodies, with our eyes, we Re-make ourselves from the encounter, from the word, the color, the gesture, as stories from our own experience, the one that needs to be heard, be shared.

Whoever creates art, who discovers his craft, finds the place where he can create himself, a refuge where he can exercise and safeguard our most intimate freedom, a miracle of which all humanity is entitled for.

Pdt: All my works can be acquired in Argentina here from my store through “MERCADO LIBRE”, bank transfer or cash. From Other Countries they can be purchased through my profile in the Saatchi Art virtual gallery (I leave the link in the button below) Any questions about it do not hesitate to write me!

With love, from Buenos Aires



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